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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Maryland vs. Ohio State final score, with <b>3 things</b> to know from the <b>…</b>

By Ryan Connors Three things to know. 1. Maryland didn’t have the same performance it did the last time it played Ohio State. A variety of factors probably contributed to this. This game was on the road, and the Terps are rarely going to fire on … …read more    

Total Sorority Move | <b>20 Things</b> a Girl Should Never Ever Be Afraid <b>…</b>

By Shannon Layne In lieu of a million, here are twenty things a girl should never be afraid to do: Break up with him. You don’t even have to have a reason—if you feel it, do it, and don’t look back. Get a drastic hair cut. Push the guy away in the club who comes […]

<b>4 Things</b> To Know For Jan. 31, 2016 « WCCO | CBS Minnesota

By Jonathon Sharp Here’s a look at the four things you need to know for Jan. 31, 2016. …read more    

<b>8 things</b> you should do after 8pm. – Mamamia

By Benjamin Hardy There are eight things we should all be doing after 8pm. Here are details of what you can be doing before you go to bed. …read more    

Huawei Honor 5x: <b>5 Things</b> I Learned on the First Day – GottaBeMobile

By Cory Gunther Now, after just 24 hours with the phone we want to share some initial impressions, and five things we learned after one day with this premium budget smartphone. A full review will be coming soon, but as the release date … …read more    

Michael Moore: <b>10 Things</b> They Won't Tell You About the Flint Water <b>…</b>

By Ron Here are 10 things that you probably don’t know about this crisis because the media, having come to the story so late, can only process so much. But if you …. Nylene13. Michael Moore-“Ten things they won’t tell you-But I will! …read more    

<b>3 things</b> to know: UGA vs No. 17 Baylor | DogBytes Online

By Connor Riley Here are three things to know as Georgia faces it’s second ranked opponent of the season: MANAGING THE PAIN. J.J. Frazier, in addition to his on-court battles, also has to worry about migraines. Before the Arkansas game, … …read more    

<b>Ten Things</b> You Need to Know About SF's Super Bowl City | Re/code

By Mary Jo Bowling By now, we all know that while Super Bowl 50 will be played in Santa Clara on February 7, the party will be in San Francisco the week before. But what will the celebration entail? We went to the Super Bowl 50 Host Committee … …read more    

<b>8 things</b> to know about Zika Virus | WSLS

By Staff Your video will be available shortly. Zika NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – Eight things you need to know about Zika virus. Should pregnant women consider postponing trips to countries with Zika as recommended by the CDC. …read more    

Here are <b>3 things</b> that were different — and 3 that were the same <b>…</b>

By Sarah K. Burris In that spirit, here are three things that were different and three things that were the same without Donald Trump on the debate stage. Different: 1. Time to attack the guy who isn’t there. You know that Trump is going to play off … …read more