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Monthly Archives: August 2015

<b>4 things</b> we'd like to see on Jay Z's Instagram | New York Post

By Birane Hane 4 things we’d like to see on Jay Z’s Instagram. By Tashara … his family life? Even though it’s not likely to happen anytime soon, here are four things we’d love to see on @Hovsince96 — should he ever decide to come back. …read more    

<b>Twenty things</b> you should know before moving to Toronto | Brits In <b>…</b>

By britsintoronto We ran across this great checklist of 20 things you should know before moving to Toronto. It comes from, the website catering to people much younger and more stylish than us old farts. Some favourites … You don’t … …read more    

<b>Three things</b> I learned from my mentor, Dr. Wayne Dyer | Pam Grout

By psgrout And I came to post my share on Google+, where I logged into my email and found YOUR 3 things!!!! WOW WOW … Pingback: Three things I learned from my mentor, Dr. Wayne Dyer – I Love Law of Attraction. dmsphotos1 Aug … …read more    

Chanos <b>5 things</b> to know about China – Business Insider

By Linette Lopez Jim Chanos, the founder of the short-biased hedge fund Kynikos Associates, has been questioning China’s growth numbers since 2010. Now — with a recent currency devaluation, flailing stock market indexes, debt at 280% of gross domestic … …read more    

In compact track loader's decade of dominance, <b>2 things</b> have <b>…</b>

By Marcia Gruver Doyle And contractors have responded by making it the number one new construction machine financed in the United States. And when you look at the financed slice of CTL sales during the first half of this year, two things become … …read more    

<b>3 things</b> that ring the bell for Le'Veon – Pittsburgh Steelers

By Teresa Varley Bell shared the three things he likes about this year’s team, and what makes them the group they are. 1. “I really like our chemistry,” said Bell. “We are real close. You see guys watching film together. Our chemistry is going to … …read more    

'<b>3' things</b> to know for the last day of August |

By George Brown MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Here are three things to know for Monday, August 31, 2015. 1- The new I-40 east flyover is open. Here’s the catch, only one lane is open. All lanes on the ramp, which is nearly 100 feet tall, will not open … …read more    

<b>Five things</b> to know about the next iPhone | FOX31 Denver

By Hsing Tseng SAN FRANCISCO — It’s that time of year again. The kids are back in school, the nights are getting cooler, footballs are flying through the air and Apple is readying new iPhones. The company just announced it will hold an … …read more    

<b>Five things</b> to watch in Cardinals vs Raiders preseason 2015 <b>…</b>

By Seth Cox The Arizona Cardinals get their best test of the pre-season against the Oakland Raiders, what will you be watching for? …read more    

<b>4 Things</b> To Know: Texas Shooting Update, American Pharaoh &amp; More

By Jonathon Sharp MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Here’s a look at the four things you need to know for Sunday, Aug. 30. Number 1: Possible Motive In Texas Shooting. Police in suburban Houston, Texas, think a 30-year-old man shot and killed a … …read more