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Monthly Archives: June 2015

<b>Two things</b> that drive me crazy about Android 5.1.1 – Android Forums <b>…</b>

By DanPLC Overall I’ve really liked the 5.1.1 upgrade (wifi, improved menus, agenda app, etc.); however there are 2 things that drive me crazy: 1) When you tap. …read more    

Hummusbird: <b>Ten Things</b>

By hummusbird Ten Things. 1. As of a few weeks ago, Hummusworm (my tapeworm infestation) is officially GONE. So psyched. Since then, I did find out I’ve also been plagued with flukes — the most common parasite — but… it’s all good. I’m excited to keep having these discoveries made by my beloved doctor. Every […]

<b>3 things</b> to watch for in USWNT vs. Germany –

By Kevin McCauley Here’s what you should be looking out for to see what the United States is trying to do, and if they’re putting themselves in a good place to beat Germany. …read more    

A Salesperson is Hardwired To Do Only <b>Two Things</b>! | Sales <b>…</b>

By John Lee Contrary to the business owners’ thoughts on the matter, I proposed that there are ONLY two (2) things a salesperson will do … What you pay them for, and what you measure. Do you agree? First, let me share what led to this … …read more    

<b>Five Things</b> You Need to Know About the Shitshow in Greece – Hit <b>…</b>

By Ed Krayewski Greeks want big government but they want someone else to pay for it. …read more    

<b>5 Things</b> To Know About The Supreme Court's Decision on EPA <b>…</b>

By Cassandra Sweet The Supreme Court on Monday struck down federal rules that require coal plants to cut emissions of mercury and other toxins. Here are five things you need to know about the decision. …read more    

Oregon marijuana and national outlook: <b>5 things</b> to know

By Mystery Weed Shopper Oregon marijuana and the national outlook: Five things you need to know. Here’s a look at Oregon marijuana as adult possession and use of recreational pot go into effect July 1, and the legal pot movement across the nation. …read more    

Conservative confab highlights 10 themes to watch in 2016 race <b>…</b>

By unknown DENVER — The Western Conservative Summit, held over the weekend in Colorado, drew three of the top five candidates in the 2016 Republican presidential race — Scott Walker, Ben Carson and Mike Huckabee — plus … …read more    

<b>Five Things</b> You Didn't Know DataSift Can Do | Datasift Blog

By Molly O’Shea Here are the 5 things you didn’t know DataSift can do. 1.) Unify Human Data At DataSift, we apply structure to the chaotic world of Human Data. Human Data comes in many shapes and sizes. It takes a considerable amount of … …read more    

REVEALED: The <b>TEN things</b> to know about new Liverpool signing <b>…</b>

By unknown STARSPORT bring you the 10 things to know about new Liverpool signing Nathaniel Clyne. …read more