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Monthly Archives: October 2013

<b>Ten things</b> male feminists need to stop saying | days like crazy paving

By jaythenerdkid Hi there, men who want to be feminists. Take a seat. I’ve noticed that you’ve adopted a lot of buzzwords. You think these phrases make you seem enlightened. You think you’re proving your feminist cred. I’m here to tell you … …read more    

<b>6 Things</b> That Are Hard to Do With Bad Credit | On Better Terms

By Mikey Rox … whether you agree or not with the importance of maintaining good credit – or at the very least average credit – the consequences of a low score are undeniable. Here are six things that might be harder to do with a low score. …read more    

The “<b>Seventeen Things</b>” Challenge, Numero Dos | Rise and Rise <b>…</b>

By blakesleywood Don’t let anyone look down on you – including yourself. In “17 things”. Just Do Something: The “Seventeen Things” ChallengeIn “advice”. My thoughts on Paul’s thoughts on International Women’s Day (aka #9)In “2 timothy”. …read more    

18 Things I Will Not Regret Doing With My Wife | Challies Dot Com

By Tim I felt it was only right to think of another eighteen things, and this time to do so in her honor. Here are 18 things I know I will never regret doing with my wife. 1. Praying with her. It took too long for the two of us to begin to really … […]

Relationships Do Matter – Sixteen things every woman should know

By ‘ Flo Sixteen things every woman should know how to say to a man – Ruthie Deen (Reblog). This is an … On: October 28 … …read more    

8 things you didn't know about Joseph Kony | Invisible Children

By Danny Porter Here are eight things you may or may not know about the brutal rebel leader: 1. Kony is considered the LRA’s top doctor. According to a June 2011 report by the International Working Group on the LRA, former combatants say … …read more    

<b>Three Things</b> that Actually Motivate Employees

By Rosabeth Moss Kanter The most motivated and productive people I’ve seen recently work in an older company on the American East Coast deploying innovative technology products to transform a traditional industry. To a person, they look … …read more    

<b>20 Things</b> Teachers Never Want to Hear

By Mrs. Sammich Recently, The Huffington Post published an article titled 9 Things You Should Never Say to Teachers, and while the writer’s ideas are spot on, there are so many other things you should never say to teachers as well … …read more    

Sixteen Things This Person Resembles – South Beach Blogger

By South Beach Blogger WOAH! We couldn’t resist… Here are 16 things we think this person resembles… and just so you know, we’re sorry for being a little mean, but she was practically begging for us to do this… 1.) A vanilla ice cream cone. …read more    

The Morning Glory, 10/21, Ten Things Bengals-Lions | Paul Daugherty

By Paul Daugherty The Morning Motorist is fresh off a cool four-plus hours back from the Motor City, bearing words of triumph. Let’s see, that makes Cleveland, Buffalo AND Detroit in the past month. Who says this isnt a glamorous gig? The Men … …read more