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Monthly Archives: September 2012

<b>Ten Things</b> I Know on This Birthday | Slim Paley

By Slim Paley Ten Things I know for sure on this Birthday . 1. I know there aren’t too many things that give me more pleasure than ….. 10 things, or 14 things…whatever! 🙂 Good lessons, all of them. Hope you have had a very happy birthday … …read more    

3 Things That Separate Leaders From Managers | OPEN Forum

By unknown Not everyone who is in charge of other people is both a leader and a manager. Here are the differences. …read more    

<b>Seven Things</b> You Didn't Know Nazanin Boniadi, The Woman <b>…</b>

By unknown Nazanin Boniadi is now one of the most famous women in the world, thanks to an upcoming magazine article describing how she was recruited by Scientology officials to be Tom Cruise’s wife in 2004 and allegedly punished … …read more