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Monthly Archives: March 2012

<b>Seven Things</b> You Didn't Know About JetBlue Captain Clayton <b>…</b>

By unknown By Amber Goodhand – Radar News Editor JetBlue Captain Clayton F. Osbon made headlines on Tuesday after he suffered an in-flight meltdown and was tackled to the ground and put in a chokehold by a passenger. …read more    

Top <b>10 Things</b> Health Reform Does for Gay and Transgender <b>…</b>

By In a recent speech at the first-ever White House LGBT Health Conference, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius noted, “The Affordable Care Act may represent the strongest foundation we have ever … …read more    

<b>4 Things</b> to Remember While in Seminary | TGC

By Trevin Wax He admitted the tendency to substitute theology for passion. These conversations have led me to reflect on four things every seminary student should remember: 1. Remember Your Youth. Too many seminary students act like … …read more    

<b>Ten Things</b> I Want To Tell Teenage Girls — KATE CONNER

By kate UPDATE: Ten Things I Want To Tell Teenage Girls is going to be a book! Three “Ten Things” books are slated to be released September 2014 from Broadman & Holman Publishers (LifeWay Christian Resources). Official … …read more    

<b>Seven Things</b> You Didn't Know About Dancing With The Stars <b>…</b>

By unknown By Radar Staff In his debut performance on Dancing with the Stars Monday, hunky Latin model-actor William Levy made a big splash, getting the audience sufficiently hot and bothered during his sexy dance with his partner, … …read more    

Radar Online | Who Is Meghan McCain? <b>Seven Things</b> You Didn't <b>…</b>

By unknown Who Is Meghan McCain? Seven Things You Didn’t Know About The Politician’s Daughter. Posted on Mar 16, 2012 @ 7: ….. Overcoming Diabetes, Cancer and more with Olive Oil. 4 Things You’ll Feel Before a Heart Attack. …read more    

<b>4 Things</b> You WON'T Regret Adding To Your Wedding <b>…</b> – Glamour

By unknown And here are seven things I’ve seen on registries lately that I bet wound up in the basement in five or six months, after the novelty wore off: Margarita Dispenser; Panini Press; Fruit Dehydrator; Clothes Steamer; Vacuum Sealer …read more    

<b>Eleven Things</b> that We Need to Clean-but Forget – Angela Says

By Angela Says To help you do this, I’ve compiled a list of 11 things that we need to clean, but often forget about: 1. Light Fixtures: Everyone has them somewhere in their home, but they often get neglected and collect dust and dirt. Spritz a … …read more    

Seven Things To Do If You Didn't Get San Diego Comic Con Tickets

By Rich Johnston Seven Things To Do If You Didn’t Get San Diego Comic Con Tickets. Posted on March 6, … Get Your MoCCA Fest Preview Of Tales Of The Night Watchman: Staycation

Goodreads: <b>8 Things</b> Writers Should Know – Rachelle Gardner

By Rachelle Gardner Goodreads: 8 Things Writers Should Know. home title Posted on Mar 6th, 2012 | 69 comments home title. Goodreads logo Yesterday I wrote about Pinterest, because a writer can never have enough social networks, right? Continuing along … …read more