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Monthly Archives: September 2011

<b>13 Things</b> Your Camera Wishes You Knew – Improve Photography

By Jim Every time I go to my nephews’ soccer games and see all the parents with their cameras on “green mode”, or attend a sporting event and see spectators using their flash from a quarter mile away, it makes me grit my teeth. It’s all I can do to stop … …read more    

<b>9 Things</b> That Happen When You Read | Psychology Today

By Susan K. Perry, Ph.D. Nobel novelist explores what goes on in a reader’s mind. …read more    

<b>14 Things</b> Before I'm Fourteen | Notebook Sisters

By Mime Here I have a list of things I want to accomplish before I’m fourteen. The List: 1. Finish reading the first five books of the Bible. 2. Finish my quilt. 3. Play all three pieces (Stoker’s Siding, Siciliano, See the Rabbit) at the eisteddfods by memory. 4. …read more    

<b>Ten Things</b> I Want My Children To Learn From 9/11 | Popehat

By Ken The greatest fear I felt on September 11, 2001 was not as a citizen, but as a new father. My fears about that day — and about its legacy — remain centered on my children. I rose very early that day to meet my father in the … …read more    

<b>Seven Things</b> You Didn't Know About Elin Nordegren | Radar Online

By unknown By Adam S. Levy – Radar Staff Writer She’s one of the richest, most beautiful women in the world, yet she keeps a decidedly-low profile. But now — nearly two years after being thrust into the headlines after her marriage to … …read more