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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Sixteen things to do during the 16 days of WEG The Bluegrass and

By Tom Eblen The Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games promise to be much more than the Olympics on horseback. Get ready for an international festival and non-stop party in our backyard. So, here are 16 things you should do during the … …read more    

<b>20 Things</b> That Look Like Female Genitals – BuzzFeed

By unknown I mean, I’m assuming. I had a friend at camp who said he saw one once. He told me what they look like… …read more    

Two Things I Tell Every Bride – Digital Photography School

By Elizabeth Halford Weddings are such delicate piece of work. They can’t be done flippantly or without preparation. And with such easy access to high performance pieces of equipment, it is so easy for just any Joe Schmo to buy a DSLR and some business cards … …read more    

Advice for Theological Students and Young Pastors | TGC

By Kevin DeYoung Twenty things I wish I knew when I began the ministry (and am still learning now): 1. Take advantage of opportunities to be taught by others. Get the most out of books, lectures, and special speakers in seminary, because soon … …read more    

Seven Things That You Probably Didn't Know About Islam, In Honor

By Lasara Allen 9,605 views. d930e53a8a2408c5959e2bc3a9d6831c 4 Things to Stop Worrying About When it Comes to Sex. 8,604 views. notrumi “Rumi is Social Media Crack Cocaine. …. In honor of Ramadan | Minister Connie Jones-Steward, Los Angeles Wedding Officiant. […] In honor of Ramadan Posted on September 5, 2010 by Minister Connie Jones-Steward… […] […]